Charter the Greek Islands on a Catamaran

The word “Catamaran” originally derives from the Tamil and means “tied wood”. This is one more type of yacht which has a very big history starting from ancient times. The Tamil people used to use wooden monohull rowboats in order to Transport on water. Today Its have become something completely different. Hire the best Sailing in Greek Islands

Its main difference over sailing boats is that it is a vessel which consists of two parallel hulls of equal length and size. It is more stable than Sailing yachts due to its geometrically stabilized structure, with the wide beam. Furthermore, it can attain more shallow waters than the sailing yachts. This type of boat is called multihulled, while the aforementioned sailing yachts are called monohulls. They are lighter than monohulls and therefore they are faster than monohulls when it comes to traveling by wind.

The largest as well as most attractive looking in the world is the Hemisphere which is for charter. This stunning 45-meter “cat” was launched in 2011. There are also well known for their big width with comfortable vessels for groups up to 10-12 guests. Their cabins are spacious and their exterior areas are large and most popular vessels for charter!


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