Sporades Islands

This complex of islands located in the middle of the aegean sea, are consisted of twenty four islands but only four of them are inhabited: skiathos, skopelos, alonissos, skyros.

They have amazing nature, gorgeous beaches, nice landscape with small picturesque villages.


Very touristic and busy during the high months of the summer season. The island has an International Airport. Choose one beach every day, among the 60 sandy beaches you can visit all around. Do you like an organized beach or an isolated one? In Skiathos you have all options.Sailing around the island is a unique experience with spectacular vistas! The people are very friendly on the island. The main port is cosmopolitan with many nice places to dine, or dance or chill out.


Sixty seven miles of beaches all around the island and some of the most beautiful and cleanest waters in Greece! Some of the beaches are only accessible by a private yacht charter. Skopelos is the perfect island for people that love nature, hiking, walking.Beautiful pine forests, grapevine fields, impressive mountains. The mountain of Delfi reaches the height of 2234 feet! Combination of blue crystal clear waters and high mountains… the perfect place for tourists and people who love peaceful, quality holidays. On the island you can enjoy also fine dining and interesting night life.



The island fascinates all visitors by its natural beauty. It is an ecological paradise. Alonissos is a Nature Marine Park, one of the largest in Europe. The ecosystem in Alonissos is rich where you can meet a lot of wildlife species. There are fourteen spots where you are allowed to dive and in certain areas, you could explore the existence of old shipwrecks dating back to the 4th and 5th century.The Southern part of the island is full of golden sandy and pebbly beaches. The waters all around are crystal clear!



Its beauty, architecture, nature, local cuisine, the crystal clear waters , all capture the visitors of Skyros. Green pine trees ” hug” the beaches all around and make the water color so bright turquoise. There are many Byzantine churches on the island and monuments.Whether you are looking for a relaxed peaceful yacht charter or you wish to do activities ashore, Skyros will certainly please you!


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