Dodecanese Islands


They are located on the south eastern part of greece, across the turkish coast. these islands have their own distinguished style. they do not have similar characteristics like the cyclades.

These islands have their own medieval or byzantine architecture, nice historical monuments dominating in the main towns due to the long Venetian occupation, beautiful sandy or pebble beaches…

If you seek to visit something different then this complex of islands could be your best choice!


The largest and may be the most beautiful Greek Island Dodecanese. The old town brings you back to another era. It is unique, with paved paths, medieval buildings, superb monuments and a beautiful castle.It is a cosmopolitan island with a lot of things to see and do. Amazing touring, stunning beaches, intense night life, five star resorts, fine restaurants, boutiques with elegant clothes and jewellery, etc. Rhodes also has a casino and a golf course.



The third largest island in the Dodecanese. It is a busy island with lots of tourists and action! Medieval buildings, lush vegetation, beautiful waters and beaches.If you are interested in history, visiting the old town of Kos will amaze you with its 4th century archaeological finds. Sit under the tree where Hippocrates , the Father of Medicine used to teach his students and the Asklipeion.



It is the island of the ” sea sponges”. After WWII Kalimnos was the only Greek island that was harvesting sponges and was exporting them internationally. In May every year there is an International Climbing Festival with lots of action. If you wish to have relaxing holidays the island can offer you beautiful touring, relaxing, and culinary experiences! Do not omit to visit the castle of Chrisoherria , the Archaeological Museum and admire the local medieval monuments!



This island was part of Kalimnos but got separated from it due to an earthquake. Go scuba diving and explore the ancient sunk city, swim in crystal clear waters, do water sports and enjoy the bright sun!



The island of the outmost relaxing holidays! Enjoy the sandy beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, sail around and explore every ” corner” of this paradise!



Paradise island for nature enthusiasts. In the 80’s and the 90’s many hotels were constructed in the southern side of Karpathos and tourism is very important to the island’s economy. The rest of the land is unspoiled with small villages. Karpathians do every effort they can to preserve their old traditions and they offer tremendous hospitality to foreigners. The island offers nice touring experiences, has beautiful golden beaches and perfect winds for windsurfers! Great local cuisine.



A huge ” ecological Park” with four hundred species of flowers and herbs, rate species of birds, amazing wildlife. Heaven for walkers and naturalists. Beautiful breathtaking views from the castle of the islands. Two main villages on Tilos and 300 inhabitants. Secluded beaches, clear waters that have a rich marine life.



It can be a religious destination because it is the ” Jerusalem of the Aegean”. St. John, one of Christ’s disciples wrote the book of Revelations on the island of Patmos. Saint John’s Monastery is on the top of the hill, above the main village ” Chora”. Chore is a World Heritage of UNESCO. The island combines peace, culture, serenity and offers amazing summer holidays. The main village offers a cosmopolitan night life.



The island of Artemis. Offers relaxation, natural beauty, hospitality, simplicity to tourists seeking a peaceful holiday, away from their busy lives. Visit the Church of Virgin Mary, the Temple of Artemis, the Tunnel War Museum, the Archaeological Museum and Folklore Museum. Along the coast of Agia Marina and in Lakki, the two main communities you can find many places for entertainment, local shops and restaurants.




During the Byzantine Ages the population of the island moved within the constructed walls of the castle for protection from the pirates. As the years progressed they started constructing outside the castle, covering the hill and forming slowly the Cycladic beauty of Astypalaia we see today. The largest settlements of Astypalaia are : Livadi, Astypalaia, Analypsi and Vathi. There are two amazing beaches you must visit apart from others, Kaminakia and Vatses. Both with crystal clear waters and peaceful surrounding.




This island was one of the most prosperous islands of Greece, once. The beautiful large neo-classical houses along the main port remind us of those days, maybe hundred years ago. Symi back then had almost twenty two thousand inhabitants. The ship building industry, the wine making, sponge fishing, were some of the main activities of the population. Sail around Symi on board your yacht charter. Reach Agios Nikolaos bay, where the waters are warm from May through December. Visit Agia Marina bay, and swim in its crystal clear waters. There is a small picturesque taverna there and a beautiful white chapel on a small islet across. This island is for romantic, peaceful holidays.



Mountainous, quiet, picturesque, welcoming island, 27 nautical miles away from Crete. Capital of Kassos is Fri with 1500 inhabitants and other nice villages are Emporio and Agia Marina where you can visit an impressive cave 30 meters deep 8 meters wide with stalactites. Quiet , relaxing destination on board your charter yacht.




Small islet, ideal for peaceful holidays or day trips from Rhodes due to proximity. Not a touristic place but nice for a sail trip on board your yacht! Visit Emporio, the only village of the island and main port of Halki. Nice traditional tavernas serving Greek dishes, and nice walks you can take in the Chorio or up to the remainings of the castle where you can enjoy panoramic views.



One of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese. The shape of Nisyros resembles that of a truncated cone. The center of the island is dominated by a circular eruption born hopper, the Caldera of Nisyros. The volcano continues to show its presence with vapors and gases. The houses are two floored in Nisyros and all look alike. There are numerous museums to visit, such the Volcano Observatory, the Folklore Museum, Volcano Science and Archaeological Museum.




Beautiful landscape, no touristic , peaceful island with small unorganized beaches with crystal clear waters. The only town is also called Lipsi and has its own traditional character. Along the port you will see small white houses, tiny hotels and apartments to rent.



The name derives from the ” Kastello Rosso” meaning Red Castle. Interesting! This particular name was given to the island by the Knights of Saint John, due to its red stone. Most of the houses along the port of Kastelorizo are mansions, built in the 19th century. They were either destroyed during the WWII or due to earthquakes, but were restored and stand beautifully now. Visit the ” Blue Cave” or ” Galazio Spilaio” how they call it in Greek. It is the largest sea cave in Greece.

Other small islands in the Dodecanese: Arki , Marathi, Agathonissi



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