Cyclades Islands

The white washed houses, the blue domes of small white churches, the traditional tavernas, the sandy beaches… all these and more consist some of the unique characteristics of the Cyclades islands sailing holiday!

The Greek hospitality and the Greek delicious cuisine invite you to visit this part of the world and enjoy unforgettable moments under the bright sun!

Some of these islands you already know because are famous and some are there waiting for you to discover! most of the yacht charterers desire to go with the beautiful Island to live the dream of their life! They wish to walk on the land of the Olympic Gods… to walk on the land where Democracy was born.

Short Description for Cyclades Group of Islands:


One of the most well-known island worldwide! It is the favorite destination for the ” Rich and Famous” personas of Hollywood, who usually arrive here on board their mega yachts! The island impresses the visitors by its beauty, its architecture, the beautiful small homes, churches… and the colorful Caicos at the small picturesque ports. Mykonos offers a wild night life, has a large market for shopping, five-star hotels and restaurants for demanding clients. Some well-known beaches where all the action takes place are PARADISE BEACH, PSAROU BEACH and others.

Mykonos Island Greece


A different island from all the others in the Cyclades. Unique Venetian and Cycladic architecture. Beautiful sandy beaches, great landscape with lush vegetation. The island has a long maritime history. Most of the men back in the centuries were working on large ships. They were leaving behind friends and relatives for many years in order to work at sea abroad. The island has superb picturesque villages, worth visiting.

Andros Island Greece


This was the island of Homer’s mother. Ios is not far from Santorini. The island has intense night life and beautiful beaches. Great place for vacationers!

ios island greece


Unspoiled island. Beautiful small ports for nice romantic anchorages. Crystal clear blue waters! Superb for snorkeling and for water sports!

kythnos island greece


This island is not very touristic. It is a nice, traditional Cycladic island for total relaxation and perfect for a family getaway!

folegandros island greece


The jewel of Cyclades with ” paradise” beaches, magical scenery, unique hospitality. It is an unspoiled island. The only organized village is Chora inhabited by 270 people. Beautiful small houses, small alleys and shops.

anafi island greece


Golden beaches to enjoy the sea and the sun, excellent food, lots of fish farms, nice places for romantic, safe anchorages, nice architecture and scenery!

serifos island greece


Natural beauty, traditional Cycladic colors, 2 small villages inhabited by 238 people who would open the door of their homes to anyone! Very hospitable! There are historical sites on the island dated back to the 2nd – 3rd century!

sikinos island greece


The name of the island comes from the word ” chalk” which recalls the white rocks of the island. 650 inhabitants. Island’s characteristics: simplicity, hospitality, relaxation. Near Kimolos there is another small island, called Poliegos, worth visiting for great swimming and snorkeling experiences!



UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated a few miles away from the cosmopolitan island Mykonos. It is well known from Mythology that God Apollo and Goddess Artemis were born here. Delos was the land of immortals! In Delos no mortal person was allowed to be born. Interesting historical site, with monumental antiquities dated back in the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods. Up until today, the island is the home of nobody. History goes on and on this island, nobody dies or is born!



Situated in the ” heart ” of the Cyclades group of islands. Parikia is the main village with its white washed cubic houses, the small traditional tavernas and shops. In the middle of the village, there is a preserved 13th-century Venetian castle. Here you can visit beautiful churches, the Byzantine Museum and the Archaeological Museum. Don’t miss some of the best beaches such: Chrissi Akti, Santa Maria, Kolibithres beach, Pounta and others.



Entering Naxos by your boat you will first meet ” Portara” a small islet which has a marble gate on top, dated back in the 6th century BC. This gate belonged to the Temple of Apollo. Explore the island and you will admire every place you visit! Lots of museums, natural beauty, picturesque small villages, windmills, Byzantine churches, narrow alleys paved with marble, beautiful shops and beaches to enjoy water sports : Agia Anna beach, Agios Georgios, Agios Prokopios, Apollonas etc.



Discover a few small islets in the Cyclades. One of these jewels is Irakleia. 145 inhabitants. Beautiful place for swimming, fishing, relaxing, snorkeling, and ideal place for private, peaceful moments.



Marvelous beaches and crystal clear waters. Shoinoussa is a small islet that offers unforgettable peaceful moments to visitors, it is a great place for swimming, snorkelling, fishing, and water sports’ activity. One of the settlements here, called Mersini, was once an old pirate hideout. Today is a sheltered windless harbor, perfect for nice anchorages!



Consisted of two small islets, the upper and lower Koufonissi. No words can describe the beauty of this place. Paradise on Earth! Golden beaches, turquoise waters, and magical images of sculpted rocks by the sea!



If you wish to have a private sailing holiday … this is your island. It is a charming destination for peaceful holidays and relaxation. Breathtaking natural surroundings, crystal clear waters!



This secluded island is situated one nautical mile away from Paros. Sandy beaches, emerald crystal waters, scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, hiking are some of the things you can see and do in Antiparos. The cave of Antiparos is a ” must be seen” site!



The island of the Deep Blue. Situated in the Eastern part of the Cyclades. Katapola is the main harbor and Chora the main beautiful village with its narrow alleys, the windmills and traditional houses and tavernas. The surroundings bring you back to the 19th century. Amorgos has many beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. Perfect for summer memorable sailing holidays!



The history of this place starts in 2800 BC with the first habitats. In the 8th century BC, the Phoenicians arrived on the island. During the 4th century, BC Siros was ruled by King Philip. In the first century BC, the Romans took over the land. During the 7th and 8th century BC the Arabs took over. The Turkish occupation was from 1537 until 1564. In 1821 during the War of Independence, many refugees came to Siros from many areas of Greece and Izmir. In the 19th century, the capital of Siros, the town of Ermoupoli became the first trade center of Greece. The island has many beautiful neoclassical buildings, nice churches, fine restaurants, a casino, and beautiful beaches to visit such: Vari, Foinikas, Yalissas, etc.



Human presence on the island, since the Mesolithic Ages, 8000 years BC. Findings prove that Milos started its development from the Prehistoric Period. The island prospered due to its strategic location, its safe port and thanks to the mining of black volcanic stone that was used to manufacture tools, weapons, knives, arms, blades, etc.

Museums in Milos :

Archaeological Museum, Folk Museum, Mining Museum, Church Museum, Naval Museum. Archaeological sites: Prehistorical Settlement of Fylakopi, an Ancient town of Klima, Ancient Roman Theater. Religious sites: The Catacombs -important ancient monument of Christianity. You can keep yourself very busy while in Milos, with many activities such: hiking, great nightlife, dining, shopping, scuba diving, enjoying geological promenades, horse riding, hot spring waters. Milos has over 75 small and larger beautiful beaches.


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