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You are ready to book your crewed yacht charter in Greece and you are wondering if you could purchase some kind of insurance for this yacht cruising holiday.

There are different types of insurances involved in a crewed yacht charter in the Greek islands: The vessel damage insurance policy, the third party liability coverage which are both purchased by the Owner.

The trip cancellation insurance is purchased by the guests of the charter party. Usually is not an expensive insurance and it is very easy to purchase. The policy covers the travelers in case they cannot travel due to medical reasons. They can also be covered in case they interrupt their charter due to a sickness during their time aboard their yacht.  They can also be reimbursed if there is a natural disaster in their destination and their trip or charter cannot be materialized.

Why purchase trip cancellation insurance? It is not obvious that if there is a cancellation due to medical reason the owner of the boat will return the funds to the Charterer? No. Almost all contracts in the yachting industry, for all the yacht reservations, do not cover issues like the above and people lose their deposit or part of their entire payment. This is when the travel insurance kicks in.

Greek Islands

We usually suggest to all our clients to purchase travel insurance for their Crewed Yacht Charter in Greece. You can get a price quote or consultation from Travel Guard, one of the insurances that offer Cancellation policies for charters worldwide. Usually the insurance broker will ask you some personal questions, such age, medical condition, etc and then will present you a quote.

If you need to cover other issues, such loss of flights, loss of luggage etc, you need to mention it to your insurance broker, as these are different small other coverages of extra cost.

Unpredictable incidents can happen to anyone at any time. We suggest to all the people that are going to charter a yacht in Greece considering to purchase such insurance.

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