How Much Should I Tip My Crew Of My Greece Boat Charter?

Tipping the crew is customary and it is usually done the day before disembarkation or upon disembarkation of your yacht charter. The crews are hard working professionals, being on duty at all times while on a boat charter, they are away from their families during the whole summer or during the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays in the Caribbean and in the Bahamas. The crews need to be tipped for their work, but the amount of the tip is entirely at the Charterer’s discretion. Despite this fact, us the Brokers, receive many times the requirement to assist on this matter and give some guidelines to charterers about tipping their crews.

Generally speaking the crew tips in the USA, the Caribbean and the Bahamas are higher than in other regions, such in Greece (East) and in West Mediterranean. The MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers’ Association) has issued a tip policy that seems to have the form of an accepted norm regarding the tipping of yacht crew members. According to this, the suggested tip for the crew varies from 5-15% of the total charter fee, excluding the running expenses of the charter. (Food, fuel, beverages, port fees etc). This percentage can be higher in the States where the tip can go up to 20% of the total charter fee. If you think this tip is high, please kindly take into consideration that crews work every day for 16-18 hours, from dawn to midnight. They really work hard to deliver excellence and to take care of the passengers’ needs.


If you plan to tip your crew, there are a few ways to do it. In cash before the disembarkation and in individual envelope for each member or in case you do not choose to carry so much money around, you can send the crew tips to your yacht broker along with your final instalment of the yacht reservation. Before the charter finishes the Broker will have the cash on board so you can distribute it to your crew personally. The distribution is usually equal to all members. If you wish to tip a crew member more than others for his/hard work is possible but not recommended as the crew works as an equal team.

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