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Saronic Gulf islands

The Saronic Islands are located in between Attica peninsula and the north eastern part of Peloponesse peninsula.

Due to their proximity to Athens, are often visited by Athenians for weekend getaways, all year round.
The group of Saronic Islands are consisted of:

  • AEGINA: Famous for its production of pistachio. This beautiful green island was the capital of Greece in 1828. Aegina has an important naval history.The main port is very picturesque, has beautiful neoclassical buildings, narrow alleys in between homes and shops…The beaches are numerous and very inviting. Many fishing villages to visit such Perdika, Marathon, Agia Marina and others.

  • HYDRA: A magnificent island that brings you back to another era. No cars are allowed here, only horses and donkeys… You can also walk around the small port, browse in the small touristic shops, dine ashore or enjoy the night life. Hydra is one of the most romantic Greek islands. Visit around aboard your charter yacht and relax on sandy beaches like Vlichos, Agios Nikolaos , Kaminia, etc.

  • POROS: Nice destination for a yacht charter. The main village is constructed on the slop of the hill. Traditional fishing town the town of Poros, where the whole action¬† takes place. Lots of shops, restaurants, fish market, touristic market, cafes, etc. Askeli is a great beach, well known in the area.There are also other nice beaches to go to, all surrounded with pine forests. The scenery is amazing and the island is magical. Once you visit Poros you always want to go back. Usually the waters in the Saronic Gulf are calm.

  • SPETSES: The island was once very famous for its trade activity, especially during Medieval times. In 1821 the shipowners of the island transformed their ships into military ships and fought during the Revolution War. On the island you can visit the Museum of Bouboulina, one of the heroines of this War.A lot of yachts visit Spetses during the summer, as the island is elegant, romantic, has nice restaurants, boutique hotels, and beautiful beaches. You can also do a lot of activities in Spetses. Apart from snorkeling,¬† swimming , water sports, you can also do hiking, take nice long walks, shopping, dining ashore etc.


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