Peloponnese Peninsula

The eastern part of Peloponnese is very popular to locals but also to foreigners who choose to spend their holidays on a yacht charter around the Peloponnese peninsula.

One or two weeks are just perfect to visit some of the most spectacular places of Peloponnese!

Embark in Athens, and cruise along…! make your daily program as you go and discover amazing natural beauties, such sandy golden beaches, pebble beaches, beautiful villages, crystal clear blue waters, archaeological sites, forests, rivers, caves, etc.

Some places that must be seen and must not be missed:


Different cultures have left marks on this small town through history. Picturesque village, beautiful cosmopolitan port. Its name says mythology, was given in honor of the son of Poseidon, Nauplis. The castle you see on top of the hill, in the middle of town was given in honor of Palamis, the inventor of weights and measures and of the Greek alphabet. In 1823 Nauplion, after the liberation of Greeks became the first capital of Greece. Walk 1000 steps up the castle or drive up to see the views! Visit Acronauplia, Syntagma Square, the local museums and churches, as well as some beautiful beaches around this exceptional town. In the port you can find fine boutiques, restaurants, jewelry shops, cafes, etc.


This famous 4th century BC ancient theater is located in the region of Argolis, in the north eastern side of Peloponnese. During the summer it hosts performances or Ancient drama and other kinds of artistic spectacles. It has incredible acoustics due to its geometrically perfect shape. The actors do not need to have microphones, and are heard well all around, even when they are whispering! The theater seats 14000 guests. Close the ancient theater, you can visit small fishing villages, beautiful beaches and you can be in a very relaxing atmosphere. Many guests come to visit the theater every year and they do not use cars to come to the area, but their vessel up to the port. Then we organize for them a superb guided tour to the theater!


A spectacular place, with numerous fortresses, monuments and unique architecture. Once you visit Monemvasia, you create a memory of a life time. In this beautiful area, we have two submerged ancient villages now covered in water as the result of a seismic activity. The remainings of the villages can be seen by swimmers doing snorkeling.

Monemvasia has numerous beautiful beaches all around, some of them have been awarded Blue Flags, due to their quality of waters and high standard of maintenance. Cape Maleas lighthouse, the local museums and fortresses, the ruins of Palaiokastro are a few interesting places to see.



The ” island of deer” as in antiquity this island was great for hunting. Located in the south eastern side of Peloponnese. The island has great beaches to visit such Franco-Saracenico ( the twin beaches), the beach of ” island Virgin Mary”, Lefki, etc



The island of Aphrodite. The main town was totally destroyed in 1537 and rebuilt in 1717 by the Venetians. The island became part of Greece in 1864. Chora, the main town is built on a hill and has spectacular views. Kapsali is the most touristic area with many shops and the best beaches to visit are Kaladi, Melidoni, Agia Pelagia, Chalkos.


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