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Greek Island CrusingYou are ready to book your crewed yacht charter in Greece and you are wondering if you could purchase some kind of insurance for this yacht cruising holiday.

There are different types of insurances involved in a crewed yacht charter in the Greek islands: The vessel damage insurance policy, the third party liability coverage which are both purchased by the Owner.

The trip cancellation insurance is purchased by the guests of the charter party. Usually is not an expensive insurance and it is very easy to purchase. The policy covers the travelers in case they cannot travel due to medical reasons. They can also be covered in case they interrupt their charter due to a sickness during their time aboard their yacht.  They can also be reimbursed if there is a natural disaster in their destination and their trip or charter cannot be materialized.

Why purchase trip cancellation insurance? It is not obvious that if there is a cancellation due to medical reason the owner of the boat will return the funds to the Charterer? No. Almost all contracts in the yachting industry, for all the yacht reservations, do not cover issues like the above and people lose their deposit or part of their entire payment. This is when the travel insurance kicks in.

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We usually suggest to all our clients to purchase travel insurance for their yacht charter in Greece. You can get a price quote or consultation from Travel Guard, one of the insurances that offer Cancellation policies for charters worldwide. Usually the insurance broker will ask you some personal questions, such age, medical condition, etc and then will present you a quote.

If you need to cover other issues, such loss of flights, loss of luggage etc, you need to mention it to your insurance broker, as these are different small other coverages of extra cost.

Unpredictable incidents can happen to anyone at any time. We suggest to all the people that are going to charter a yacht in Greece considering to purchase such insurance.

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A common mistake people do when they go on a yacht charter in Greece is to pack their bags with too much stuff they do not really need.

It is important when you go on a Greece Boat Charter to properly fill in your bags with the items you absolutely need and not with more, as space aboard yachts is usually limited.

Some important tips for packing your luggage are shown here below:

Travel documents: Bring along your legal documents such passport and visas, identification documents, credit cards or cash you might need for shopping and for crew tips.

Luggage: Use a medium-size soft bag or duffel for packing your necessary stuff and do not use hard- sided bags. These are difficult to stow away and they can harm the teak decks of your Greece Boat Charter or flooring of the vessel in the interior areas. Duffels can be folded up and stowed away easily in the small storage space of a yacht.

Medication: Bring along your necessary medication. If you are on medication and you forget to bring it along, it might be extremely difficult to find the same product in Greek pharmacies. Therefore, medication has to be one of the first items you should pack. Bring also with you some sea- sickness pills just in case.

Shoes: One good pair for shoes for dinning ashore, your running shoes and your flip flops are items you are going to need. Usually, aboard the yacht, people walk barefoot. A good pair of running shoes is for exploring the islands and your flip flops for combing at the beach.

Clothing: Most of the times while on a yacht charter in Greece, you sail for long hours and you spend lots of time at sea. As a result, one or two pairs of swimming suits are good for one week near the water. Towels are usually provided by the boat, especially if the yacht is fully crewed. If you have a bareboat charter in Greece, you will need to bring along maybe a couple of towels. Fins, snorkels are also provided by the boat if it is fully crewed. Advice your Yacht Charter Broker about the sizes of fins you need for your group so they can have them aboard while you are on your yacht charter in Greece.

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You are going to need t-shirts, shorts and sarongs for women. For long leg protection, one pair of jeans or regular pens, leggins for women. For the night, you might need a light jacket or light cotton sweater and a pair of socks. If you like to have a formal dinner ashore, bring one nice casual dress and for the gentlemen some casual outfit.

Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats. Avoid bringing your own sunscreen as it contains oil, it is not good for travelling. If you are allergic to some commercial sunscreen lotions, then you need to buy and bring the one your doctor has prescribed for you. Sunglasses and hats are also necessary, so bring along.

Electronic devices: While on a yacht charter in Greece, you can use your electronic devices such phones, ipods, laptops, tablets and cameras. Most of the yachts provide electricity converters, but it is always good to have one of your own. Electricity in Greece is 220V. Luxury MOTOR YACHTS or luxury CATAMARANS and luxury SAILING YACHTS in Greece usually have hair dryers aboard. Ask your Yacht Charter Broker if your boat has one, if not, ask them to provide you with one or two.

Personal items: Pack underwear, grooming items, make up items, eye lenses, favorite book-s and music list.

We hope that the above has given you an idea of how to wisely pack your bag for your next yacht charter in Greece! We wish you a great charter and FAIR WINDS!

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Greece Boat Charter is proud to inform you that our house Yacht Charter Specialists have access to all types of yacht charter in Greece: crewed yacht charter, motor yacht charter in Greece, mega yacht charter, crewed catamaran charter in Greece, gulet yacht charter, bareboat charter. All these types of yachts are available with us.

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