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Mykonos Yacht Charter and Santorini Yacht Charter are both extremely popular. Despite the fact that most of the best and reputable boats for charter in Greece are based in Athens, some people chooses to embark on their Yacht Charter in Mykonos or in Santorini. Embarkation there is possible and involves a few scenarios:a) If the Charterer wants to do a weekly charter on a large

Yacht Charter in Mykonos

a) If the Charterer wants to do a weekly charter on a large luxurious MEGA YACHT or aboard a large luxurious MOTOR YACHT or on a  luxurious crewed CATAMARAN   there is a slight possibility to find a suitable vessel of this size  on the above- mentioned islands. The solution would be is to hire a yacht from Athens. A yacht that would relocate to Mykonos or to Santorini so the guests could embark at their preferred port. This involves an extra expense. The cost of  the fuel that it takes for the yacht to cover 100 miles to sail to Mykonos or  for the 120 miles to cover to sail to Santorini. Some yacht owners also charge a fee for the time that it takes for their yacht to reach either island. If the guests embark on either, and they wish to also disembark in Mykonos or Santorini, then the extra cost doubles, as the Charterer has to also pay for the fuel to bring the yacht back to Athens and a fee for the time that will take to go back to her base. The total extra cost depends on the price of the yacht and on her fuel consumption.

b) If the Charterer wants to use a yacht just for a day charter in Mykonos or for a few days, or for a day charter in Santorini or for a few days in Santorini, there are some small yachts around, based in Mykonos that could be perfect for this purpose. It is certain, that the boats in Athens are more organized, they are fully commercial, they have permanent crews thus the service, on board vessels that come from Athens is higher. On the islands, they have people on board that work just for a few months, they are not permanent and they can be changed from charter to charter. It is a different organizational procedure you cannot compare a commercial charter vessel in Athens with the boats based on the islands.

Yacht Charter in Santorini

Starting a yacht charter in Mykonos or Santorini, aboard a yacht that comes from Athens involves one risk. The weather conditions. If the weather is not favorable, the yacht has a hard time reaching the embarkation port in the Aegean. So, we might have delay on the embarkation time or we might have the scenario to ask the guests to fly to Athens and take the charter from there, due to strong winds and bad weather. From Athens, there are different routes to choose from in case of bad weather in the Aegean Sea. There are route alternatives. The opposite, if you have booked a charter starting in Santorini or Mykonos and the weather is bad, then you have to fly all the guests back to Athens and take the boat from there. Especially during July and August when the “Meltemi winds” blow in the Aegean, you can take a high risk to start a yacht charter in Mykonos or Santorini. It is best to embark/disembark in Athens during these months. If you have a week’s time and the weather is favorable, it is certain you will visit your favorite islands, Mykonos and Santorini without taking any risks.

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