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Even though I’m a Greek, I have been always surprised when I heard people saying “take us with you to the Greek islands”, “it’s a dream of a lifetime for us to visit the Greek islands”, “IWe want to walk around the Acropolis” or the ” we love the Greek cuisine”…

I decided. I am extremely lucky and they are. Why? Because I can fulfill their dreams! My job is to assist them organizing such a trip to Greece! I can put together a sailing trip to Greece. Sailing the Greek islands by boat! Yes, you listened well, I am a Yacht Charter Broker and I am totally dedicated to put together luxurious holidays around the beautiful Greek islands! Island Hopping!

Once they find out I am a Yacht Charter Broker, they become excited and they want to gather more information and see if a boat trip in the Greek islands would be economically feasible for themselves! Dear friends, YES!

Sailing aboard a luxurious crewed boat in Greece Boat Charter is feasible for everyone!

I will present to you today one of the most beautiful catamarans in Greece, one of the most luxurious catamarans in Greece! A fully crewed catamaran which is affordable for everyone! All you have to do is gather your group of people, and decide about the sail trip in advance. Maybe a year earlier than the actual sailing trip to the Greek islands. What you need is 8-10 people who are ready to realize with you a dream of a lifetime! To sail in the Greek islands!

Catamaran Elvira is located in Athens and realizes weekly charters in the Greek islands. You can charter her for a week or for several weeks. Usually the charter starts and ends in Athens but we could also organize charters out from other locations of Greece such from Mykonos or Santorini or from any other island you desire at a small extra charge. The embarkation day is usually on a Saturday and ends on a Saturday, as well.

The catamran Elvira is a LAGOON 500, has loa 15.6 meters and accommodates up to 10 passengers in 5 luxurious cabins. Crew sleeps in separate crew quarters. Four of these cabins have queen beds and the fifth cabin has an upper/lower bed. All cabins have their own bathroom, large storage space, TVs and music system and A/C. It’s a very comfortable boat. I personally have made many weekly charters on ELVIRA with 10 passengers, all extremely successful! Elvira is the only catamaran of this size in Greece that has 3 crew members in order to offer high-quality services (captain, cook, sailor).

Once you enter the salon you receive a pleasant feeling. It is the warmth that emits to the space through the pastel colors on the furniture… and through the light that enters the windows… There is lots of natural light in the salon… that makes area so natural and warm. In this area, you will see a large plasma tv-home cinema, plenty of games, playstation 3, a karaoke system, etc. The dining table is large beautifully decorated and around it you can seat on the beautiful sofas. Right here, the cook organizes any special dinners or a buffet full of amazing Greek delights… offered accompanied with a glass of champagne or a glass of wine and soft music…

Usually, the visitors want to eat in the aft table, al fresco with nice views of the blue sea or the magnificent view of a greek picturesque fishing port… or of a golden beach … The table at the aft deck seats up to 10 people and is very comfortable. In fact, the Owner of the board has changed the Origiinal table with a larger one so the guests are extremely comfortable! The Owner of this boat knows hospitality and he wants passengers to be extremely happy and pleased with everything.

In the galley of the boat, miracles happen! The cook has 3 refrigerators, a deep freezer, microwave, gas oven, an ice maker, an espresso machine, burners , filtered water machine and much more, etc. The galley is fully equipped and the chef creates dishes with pure Greek ingredients. Nothing is frozen, or pre cooked. Even cheese pies, sweets, cakes, everything is made from scratch. Visitors are thrilled with the cook’s creations and the taste of the food is unforgettable! Many times, the captain catches fish and passengers are fortunate to eat fresh fish, cooked according to delicious Greek recipes!

The outer space of the boat in general is very comfortable. On the bow there is space to enjoy a drink and to relax watching the sea and the dolphins in some areas jumping out the water … A wonderful spot to gaze at the sea and to let the blue of the Greek waters … bring you a total tranquility and serenity!

Elvira has many water toys such: snorkeling gear, fishing gear, ski equipment for adults and kids, 2 canoes, a banana, a tender with 40 hp, tubes, outdoor shower, night underwater lights for night swimming, a swimming platform and much more!

The boat also has internet access, a printer/scanner aboard

What can you do and see in a week? You can choose to visit the Cyclades or the Saronic Islands, or alternatively, visit a few Saronic islands combined with the eastern coast of the Peloponnese.

All itineraries are subject to weather conditions and guests have to be flexible with this matter and totally trust their Captain. He knows the weather conditions and the safe route you have to take in case of rough winds so you can be comfortable and so you can enjoy your holidays! He is an expert and he is responsible for your safety and the safety of the vessel.

The cost of the boat is:

  • For August and: July weekly rate euros 15000 + local tax at 12%+ estimated cost for fuel, food, beverages, port fees at 25% of the boat rate.
  • For June and September euro 13500 + local tax at 12%+ estimated cost for fuel, food, beverages, port fees at 25% of the boat rate.
  • For all other months 11,000 per week + local tax at 12%+ estimated cost for fuel, food, beverages, port fees at 25% of the boat rate.

Crew gratuity is customary and it is extra. It is given at the Charterer’s discretion.

Send us today the questions you may have! We can help you organize a beautiful, carefree holiday on Elvira around the beautiful Greek islands! Start putting together the realization of your dream!

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You are ready to book your crewed yacht charter in Greece and you are wondering if you could purchase some kind of insurance for this yacht cruising holiday.

There are different types of insurances involved in a crewed yacht charter in the Greek islands: The vessel damage insurance policy, the third party liability coverage which are both purchased by the Owner.

The trip cancellation insurance is purchased by the guests of the charter party. Usually is not an expensive insurance and it is very easy to purchase. The policy covers the travelers in case they cannot travel due to medical reasons. They can also be covered in case they interrupt their charter due to a sickness during their time aboard their yacht.  They can also be reimbursed if there is a natural disaster in their destination and their trip or charter cannot be materialized.

Why purchase trip cancellation insurance? It is not obvious that if there is a cancellation due to medical reason the owner of the boat will return the funds to the Charterer? No. Almost all contracts in the yachting industry, for all the yacht reservations, do not cover issues like the above and people lose their deposit or part of their entire payment. This is when the travel insurance kicks in.

Greek Islands

We usually suggest to all our clients to purchase travel insurance for their yacht charter in Greece. You can get a price quote or consultation from Travel Guard, one of the insurances that offer Cancellation policies for charters worldwide. Usually the insurance broker will ask you some personal questions, such age, medical condition, etc and then will present you a quote.

If you need to cover other issues, such loss of flights, loss of luggage etc, you need to mention it to your insurance broker, as these are different small other coverages of extra cost.

Unpredictable incidents can happen to anyone at any time. We suggest to all the people that are going to charter a yacht in Greece considering to purchase such insurance.

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It has been a long time since you promised to yourself, the next summer holiday would be aboard a Greece Boat Charter. Greek island hopping was your dream for long and now you are thinking the time has come to materialize this wish. There is no better way to explore the Greek islands unless you are on a boat charter in Greece. You are convinced the time has come, you have picked your Yacht Charter Broker, you have picked your private yacht charter vessel and now you are wondering how long you should use your boat for. Should you do a weekly yacht charter in Greece or should you use your private yacht charter for more than a week?

The decision is not complicated. First it depends on your budget, then on your boat’s cruising speed and of course on the itinerary you wish to follow. The budget and the speed of your boat is well known to you.

Do you know the distances to be covered among the islands you wish to visit? A Yacht Charter Broker that knows Greece can give you some important guidelines about this topic.

1) If you have decided to charter a sailing yacht or a crewed catamaran in Greece, out of Athens then the choices you have in terms of the itinerary are three. You are going to sail either around the Saronic Gulf or along the Peloponnese East Coast or you are going to visit some of the Cyclades group of islands. Your boat has not a high speed, so if you choose the Saronic you are going to enjoy it to the fullest. Because the Saronic Islands are close to Athens and they are all close together. Following this itinerary, you are not going to have to cover endless distances every day, you will be in great protected waters and you are going to see some interesting beautiful islands such Hydra, Spetses, Poros, Aegina etc. They all have nice fishing villages, history, and sightseeing areas. Interesting nightlife too!  Also, the East coast of Peloponnese could be very interesting for

santorini island greece

you as you could visit some interesting areas such Epidaurus, Nauplion, Monemvasia, go to some Saronic islands and back to Athens. A laid back holiday as well, without having to cover long distances every day!

If you absolutely wish to do the Cyclades on your sailing yacht charter in Greece or aboard your crewed catamaran in Greece, is possible to do so. But in order to avoid extremely long sailing hours… choose to do the upper side islands of the Cyclades. Choose a nice itinerary including Kea, Siros, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Serifos, Kythnos and back. A week on a sailing yacht doing some of the Cyclades, and not ALL the Cyclades will allow you to relax, to see many places, to meet with locals, to explore ashore and enjoy! Blend with the Greeks, eat ashore, stay at the beach, do some snorkeling and swimming. No rushing.

If you wish to see more islands and include also Santorini on the itinerary, please add a few extra days on your stay aboard. Having no speed and wanting to visit the most possible islands could add stress to your holidays, could make you tired… So you either do fewer islands or you add some days to allow you time for an enjoyable holiday, not rushing in any way.  

If you decide to cruise another area aboard a sailing yacht in Greece or aboard a crewed catamaran in Greece  like   the Ionian islands, the Sporades islands or the Dodecanese group of islands, it is suggested you have more time available or to hire a yacht locally, not from Athens. You can hire yachts out of Lefkas in the Ionian Sea, or you can hire a boat in Kos in the Dodecanese. For the Sporades group of islands, there is no base nearby, so you need to have absolutely 12-14 days available for your charter in order to enjoy your time aboard and avoid extremely long legs to cover.

Luxury Motor Yacht Charter

2) If you have decided to do a Greece Boat Charter aboard a Private Motor Yacht, choose one that has some speed. A motor yacht of appx 18-25 knots per hour is just perfect! It burns a bit more fuel than a sailing yacht or a crewed catamaran in Greece, but it gets you where you wish to go fast! There are also some motor yachts in Greece with speed over 30 knots per hour worth viewing before you book your charter! Ask your Yacht Charter Broker and explain to her/him what you intend to do in terms of your Greek sailing itinerary. If you have one week on a fast motor boat like this, you have time to go to the Cyclades, visit most of the islands, including Mykonos and Santorini.You can also choose to go the other side, to the Ionian Sea for one week. With a high-speed Motor Yacht in Greece, you can do a lot of Greek island hopping! If you add a few extra days to your week…  and you have 12-14 days charter, you can also include Crete in your Greek sailing itinerary, based to weather conditions! Your Yacht Charter Broker will help you understand what is feasible and what not and what is best to cover in one week or suggest to add some extra time if needed to cover more.

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Yacht Charter

A common mistake people do when they go on a yacht charter in Greece is to pack their bags with too much stuff they do not really need.

It is important when you go on a Greece Boat Charter to properly fill in your bags with the items you absolutely need and not with more, as space aboard yachts is usually limited.

Some important tips for packing your luggage are shown here below:

Travel documents: Bring along your legal documents such passport and visas, identification documents, credit cards or cash you might need for shopping and for crew tips.

Luggage: Use a medium-size soft bag or duffel for packing your necessary stuff and do not use hard- sided bags. These are difficult to stow away and they can harm the teak decks of your Greece Boat Charter or flooring of the vessel in the interior areas. Duffels can be folded up and stowed away easily in the small storage space of a yacht.

Medication: Bring along your necessary medication. If you are on medication and you forget to bring it along, it might be extremely difficult to find the same product in Greek pharmacies. Therefore, medication has to be one of the first items you should pack. Bring also with you some sea- sickness pills just in case.

Shoes: One good pair for shoes for dinning ashore, your running shoes and your flip flops are items you are going to need. Usually, aboard the yacht, people walk barefoot. A good pair of running shoes is for exploring the islands and your flip flops for combing at the beach.

Clothing: Most of the times while on a yacht charter in Greece, you sail for long hours and you spend lots of time at sea. As a result, one or two pairs of swimming suits are good for one week near the water. Towels are usually provided by the boat, especially if the yacht is fully crewed. If you have a bareboat charter in Greece, you will need to bring along maybe a couple of towels. Fins, snorkels are also provided by the boat if it is fully crewed. Advice your Yacht Charter Broker about the sizes of fins you need for your group so they can have them aboard while you are on your yacht charter in Greece.

Charter a Yacht in Greece

You are going to need t-shirts, shorts and sarongs for women. For long leg protection, one pair of jeans or regular pens, leggins for women. For the night, you might need a light jacket or light cotton sweater and a pair of socks. If you like to have a formal dinner ashore, bring one nice casual dress and for the gentlemen some casual outfit.

Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats. Avoid bringing your own sunscreen as it contains oil, it is not good for travelling. If you are allergic to some commercial sunscreen lotions, then you need to buy and bring the one your doctor has prescribed for you. Sunglasses and hats are also necessary, so bring along.

Electronic devices: While on a yacht charter in Greece, you can use your electronic devices such phones, ipods, laptops, tablets and cameras. Most of the yachts provide electricity converters, but it is always good to have one of your own. Electricity in Greece is 220V. Luxury MOTOR YACHTS or luxury CATAMARANS and luxury SAILING YACHTS in Greece usually have hair dryers aboard. Ask your Yacht Charter Broker if your boat has one, if not, ask them to provide you with one or two.

Personal items: Pack underwear, grooming items, make up items, eye lenses, favorite book-s and music list.

We hope that the above has given you an idea of how to wisely pack your bag for your next yacht charter in Greece! We wish you a great charter and FAIR WINDS!

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Mykonos Yacht Charter and Santorini Yacht Charter are both extremely popular. Despite the fact that most of the best and reputable boats for charter in Greece are based in Athens, some people chooses to embark on their Yacht Charter in Mykonos or in Santorini. Embarkation there is possible and involves a few scenarios:a) If the Charterer wants to do a weekly charter on a large

Yacht Charter in Mykonos

a) If the Charterer wants to do a weekly charter on a large luxurious MEGA YACHT or aboard a large luxurious MOTOR YACHT or on a  luxurious crewed CATAMARAN   there is a slight possibility to find a suitable vessel of this size  on the above- mentioned islands. The solution would be is to hire a yacht from Athens. A yacht that would relocate to Mykonos or to Santorini so the guests could embark at their preferred port. This involves an extra expense. The cost of  the fuel that it takes for the yacht to cover 100 miles to sail to Mykonos or  for the 120 miles to cover to sail to Santorini. Some yacht owners also charge a fee for the time that it takes for their yacht to reach either island. If the guests embark on either, and they wish to also disembark in Mykonos or Santorini, then the extra cost doubles, as the Charterer has to also pay for the fuel to bring the yacht back to Athens and a fee for the time that will take to go back to her base. The total extra cost depends on the price of the yacht and on her fuel consumption.

b) If the Charterer wants to use a yacht just for a day charter in Mykonos or for a few days, or for a day charter in Santorini or for a few days in Santorini, there are some small yachts around, based in Mykonos that could be perfect for this purpose. It is certain, that the boats in Athens are more organized, they are fully commercial, they have permanent crews thus the service, on board vessels that come from Athens is higher. On the islands, they have people on board that work just for a few months, they are not permanent and they can be changed from charter to charter. It is a different organizational procedure you cannot compare a commercial charter vessel in Athens with the boats based on the islands.

Yacht Charter in Santorini

Starting a yacht charter in Mykonos or Santorini, aboard a yacht that comes from Athens involves one risk. The weather conditions. If the weather is not favorable, the yacht has a hard time reaching the embarkation port in the Aegean. So, we might have delay on the embarkation time or we might have the scenario to ask the guests to fly to Athens and take the charter from there, due to strong winds and bad weather. From Athens, there are different routes to choose from in case of bad weather in the Aegean Sea. There are route alternatives. The opposite, if you have booked a charter starting in Santorini or Mykonos and the weather is bad, then you have to fly all the guests back to Athens and take the boat from there. Especially during July and August when the “Meltemi winds” blow in the Aegean, you can take a high risk to start a yacht charter in Mykonos or Santorini. It is best to embark/disembark in Athens during these months. If you have a week’s time and the weather is favorable, it is certain you will visit your favorite islands, Mykonos and Santorini without taking any risks.

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Greek island-hopping aboard a luxury motor yacht or aboard a luxury crewed catamaran creates unique, life-lasting memories for you and your loved ones! Do not wait, organize your Greek island-hopping now. Next summer is not far and if you wish to have a great, quality boat for your yacht charter in Greece, it is wise to start your planning much in advance!

The Greek islands are a safe place to be, they are beautiful and unique. The nature, the surroundings, the blue sky and bright sun, the sand beaches and the hospitable people… invite you to experience new possibilities! While Cruising the Greek islands you discover all sorts of hidden nature treasures every day! Every small islet has an interesting history behind… the Greek people are ready to communicate the history and legends to visitors… it is fascinating how you can learn new things every day,  and how you discover the old Greek traditions through the locals and  how you can enjoy every single moment of your sailing holidays!

There are several regions for your island-hopping in Greece, such:

Saronic Gulf Islands

The Saronic Gulf archipelago. It is a very nice cruising ground, usually with very calm waters, a protected area. The most interesting places you can see in the Saronic Gulf are Poros Island, Hydra, Spetses, Epidauvros, Nauplio, and Aegina. The distances in between the islands are usually short and pleasant to cover. A lot of people that have children aboard their Greece Boat Charter, they choose the Saronic Gulf for their holidays due to the calm waters and proximity to Athens.

Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades group of islands are located to the east of the mainland. They are comprised of small islands well known worldwide. The most famous islands in the Cyclades for Greek island hopping are Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, Naxos, Paros, Siros and others. They all have some similar characteristics, but they are also distinguished and each one of them has its own beauty and history.

Dodecanese Islands

The Dodecanese group of islands located to the south-east side of the mainland. Rhodes is very famous, Kos, Patmos, Astypalaia, Kalimnos, Karpathos are also interesting islands for someone to visit. They all have ancient sights, museums, great scenery, delicious local cuisine and beautiful beaches.

Ionian Island

The Ionian Islands are the jewels of Greece. They are located to the west side of the mainland and they have their own characteristics. Venetian style buildings on the island of Corfu, amazing beaches, historical sites, forest with pine trees, turquoise waters and sandy or pebble beaches…Some of them are awarded as the best beaches of the whole world! Other islands that belong to this group are Lefkas, Ithaca, Kephalonia. All extremely beautiful!Sporades Islands

The Sporades group of islands are situated east of Evia peninsula. Famous now after the release of the movie “Mamma Mia”. They receive a lot of tourists every year. The waters here are extremely clean, crystal clear! Some of the Sporades islands are Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skiros.

Crete Islands

Finally, the Greek island of Crete is located in the Southern part of Greece. Crete is the largest Greek island and has a great history, amazing villages and towns to visit, unbelievable mountains and landscape and beautiful beaches. Visit Knossos, Chania, Heraklion, Elounda, Loutra, Agios Nicolaos, Falassarna. The Cretan cuisine is the healthiest and most delicious cuisines all over the world!

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Celebrating your wedding Anniversary on a yacht along the Greek island cruising has become very popular in the last years. Wedding yacht charters offer a unique, memorable, life -lasting, beautiful experience! Having your Wedding Anniversary or Honeymoon celebration at a reception hall is now past!

Organize something different! Organize something more exciting! Something that will stay in your memory forever! A Wedding yacht charter in Greece! Just be with your loved one, or also take a handful of good friends with you or family members and plan the DREAM WEDDING ANNIVERSARY OR HONEYMOON aboard a yacht! What else can it be better than celebrating aboard a luxurious yacht charter for the above important events of your life?

Honeymoon in the Greek islands

Settle- in the beautiful whole- beams MASTER STATEROOM and enjoys the luxurious surrounding…   the spectacular views of the Greek islands, and the color of the blue Aegean Sea… Soak in the bathtub jacuzzi sipping your favorite wine or champagne and enjoy the beautiful moments with your spouse! Then throw a great party with your best friends on the deck of your yacht charter in Greece, dance, taste delicious meals and enjoy the romantic scenery listening to your favorite dancing songs!

In Greece, there are no special boats for weddings or wedding anniversaries. The couple chooses among a great selection of private yacht charter boats in Greece…. depending on the number of guests they have along and depending on their budget. A mega yacht charter it could be an ideal option or a smaller charter yacht could do for that matter. The service on board these private yacht charters in Greece is spectacular!

Honeymoon on a Yacht

Let your Yacht Charter Broker know in advance about your preferred dates, the number of guests you will have aboard, and the purpose of your yacht charter in Greece! Once the Yacht Charter Brokers knows, will present you the most suitable yacht charter boats for wedding anniversaries in Greece!  She /he will inform the crew about the purpose of your charter and all will fall into place: Special planning for the party, special cake for the celebration, special menus, special music for the couple and the celebration night… and of course special decoration everywhere for this matter, based on your own needs. Your Yacht Charter Broker will help you organize everything in detail!

Imagine dancing and dinning while cruising in the beautiful Greek isles!  Imagine those lights coming from the small villages sparkling like diamonds and creating panoramic views…Imagine a  high -end service offered by your own crew … All is so special onboard a wedding anniversary yacht charter in Greece!

wedding celebration in Greece

At Greece Boat Charter we can assist you in planning everything perfect for this important event of your life! We can help you choose the most suitable wedding yacht charter in Greece and we can match your exact needs with the perfect boat! Organizing a wedding Anniversary or Honeymoon aboard a yacht charter with spectacular views of the Greek islands can be a click away! Contact us today!

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Greece Boat Charter is proud to inform you that our house Yacht Charter Specialists have access to all types of yacht charter in Greece: crewed yacht charter, motor yacht charter in Greece, mega yacht charter, crewed catamaran charter in Greece, gulet yacht charter, bareboat charter. All these types of yachts are available with us.

Some people prefer having the out-most relaxation while aboard their yacht charter. If so, they hire a crewed yacht charter in Greece. Our available vessels have great crew teams, comprised of high professionals. The crews work extremely hard in order to achieve a high level of service. They start their day at six am and they finish their day work long after midnight. Their aim is to please the guests and make sure the group of people aboard the yacht charter in Greece is totally satisfied. The crews usually speak many languages, and most importantly English. They have good communication skills, they are friendly but also discrete. These professionals have long time experience at sea and in the yachting industry. The crew, depending on the size of vessel, could be comprised of just a couple of people such skipper and cook… or it can be a large team if the vessel is large such: captain, engineer, chef, hostess, deckhand etc. The larger the vessel, the more crew members aboard and the highest level of service provided.

Some other people choose to hire a bareboat charter in Greece. If so, they should have a long time experience in sailing, and they should hold a sailing license, so they can be skippers during their own bareboat charter in Greece. If they have another person with sailing experience among their group it is even better and safer. If they don’t and if it is their fist time sailing in Greece, it is suggested they hire a local skipper to assist them when needed. It is very good to have some help aboard, especially when you visit the Greek waters for the first time. The waters in the Aegean Sea can be difficult to sail sometimes. Greece Boat Charter has a large portfolio of professional skippers that could assist in bareboat charters. This type of yacht charter, the bareboat charters in Greece are usually less expensive than a fully crewed yacht charter in Greece.

Luxury Boat Cephanolia

If you belong to the first category, and you would like to hire a crewed yacht charter in Greece, all you have to do is provide us with your number of guests, your exact dates, your indicative budget and the type of yacht you like. Would that be a  crewed motor yacht charter, a crewed catamaran charter in Greece, a crewed sailing yacht charter in Greece, best mega yacht charter in Greece?  Once you send us this information, we can provide you with a free quote including all specifications of available yacht charter in Greece, their rates and their interior/ exterior pictures. We can also discuss together your possible itinerary, your food and beverage menu, the tours you can have on the islands and around Athens, your transfers to / from the boat etc.

Greece Boat Charter can assist you in organizing a holiday of a life- time! Our hard work, our experience, our knowledge and our dedication will contribute to the creation of an amazing yacht charter experience! Greece Boat Charter creates eternal beautiful memories!

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The luxury mega yachts in Greece give you the opportunity to visit the Greek islands from the North near Halkidiki, to the South around the beautiful Crete and the Dodecanese group of islands!

The Dodecanese are comprised of twelve main islands and other smaller islets located in southern Greece, adjacent to the popular Turkish Coast. Your luxurious mega yacht will take you to Rhodes, to Astypalia, to Kalymnos and Nysiros, to Patmos, Symi,Tilos, to Halki and to the picturesque village of Kastellorizo. This is an excellent cruising itinerary you can follow during your luxurious mega yacht charter!

The area is a paradise on earth, for its lovely bays, the numerous sand or pebble beaches and the amazing crystal clear waters! The Dodecanese islands are haunted since prehistoric times. They were occupied by the Latin Knights of St John, by the Ottomans, by the Italians, by the Germans and also by the British. All these people have left behind them an upscale heritage of vital archeological sites, Byzantine ruins, and medieval monuments.

Luxury Yacht Rentals

Visit beautiful churches, enormous castles, caves, monasteries, windmills and sponge factories. Anchor your private mega yacht and enjoy the water sports in a quiet bay. Photograph the amazing nature. Taste the fresh seafood of the Greek waters. Have fun ashore. Organize a nice guided tour and learn more about the history and ancient Greek times. There so much to see and do while in the Dodecanese group of islands!

Greece Boat Charter and its specialists can help you organize a holiday to cherish forever. We will match your exact needs with the perfect mega yacht, with a crew on board that can provide you with a white glove service! Yacht Rentals in Greece is what we do. Visit our site today and send us your inquiry for a free quote!

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Parents with young children and babies are often concerned and reluctant about bringing them aboard a chartering yacht. Some parents decide to wait until their children grow up in order to realize such type of holiday and some decide to pursue it.

As a Professional Yacht Charter Broker, I would say that the YACHTING EXPERIENCE is for all ages! During my long time career in the yachting industry, I have had the opportunity to nicely work with families consisted of young children and babies. I never experienced any minor or large injuries during any of my charters in my entire career or I never experienced any small incidents that showed me that kids or babies should be excluded from this amazing holiday experience!

The crews of chartering vessels are always happy to have children on board. The supervision of the kids though is always the responsibility of the parents or of an adult from the charter party. Crews can always be supportive but having to do so many other tasks on board   in order to accommodate the needs of numerous passengers, they cannot possibly dedicate their time to babysitting. The parents should have both the rule of watching the baby or children at all times. If any of the parents needs a break should always verbalize this to the other so the baby or children are watched after, at all the time. Nothing is assumed and this golden rule is great to have, on any type of floating vessel.

shutterstock_349994078 children on board

The kids if more than one often shares a cabin or even a bed. Infants usually are put to sleep in the parents’ cabin, in a baby cot provided by the boat. The boat also provides some other important items for the baby such: a special high chair for meals around the table, a life jacket for the baby of child and for all passengers of course.

It is important to mention to your Charter Broker how many pounds or kilos the baby and the children weigh so they can have the appropriate sizes of life vests aboard. Children and babies must wear their life vests at all times, it is suggested. The high chair also has to be asked for, as sometimes due to the shortage of space, the crew has to bring it from ashore, somewhere.

Additionally, it is important to inform the chef about the eating and drinking habits of the children and those of babies. Sometimes the infant is eating special organic formulas hard to find in the local market. In this case, the parent should inform the Charter Broker in advance so a research in the market is made on time, way before the charter begins. If same formula is not found locally, the parents themselves bring or ship the appropriate portion of food needed for a week for their baby.

shutterstock_349993322 children on board

Special sunscreen for children and babies and for sensitive skin passengers is not provided by the boat. The boat has some good products on board for sun protection, but if we have children with sensitive skin or passengers with sensitive skin, it is recommended they bring along their own products. Hats for babies and children are also necessary to be worn at all times.

It is recommended to bring some necessary medication along for your children or baby, for fever, aches… like you have at home, just in case.

If parents think they will need to wash some cloths for the children and for the babies on board, it is recommended they advise before the charter. Usually, laundry is not done onboard for any of the passengers. The crew always brings out the laundry to be done professionally if needed. But just in case, there is a need to wash something for the baby, let us know what detergent is needed for washing to have it aboard while cruising. No other laundry is being done though on the boat.

If parents feel more secure and safe with a net placed around the railing, it is suggested they mention this to their Charter Broker as well. The boat can provide this, if necessary, depending on the construction and type of yacht.


Generally speaking, kids, children, and crews they are all happy when they are on a charter. Crew members pay special attention to children, to their food and entertainment. Many chefs make special, adorable plates for children, they teach them how to make a cake or dough, and crews organize nice theme parties for them and spend hours watching them while they do water sports.

Boats have special snorkeling equipment and inflatable toys for children… for endless happy hours in the water!.

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