Are Chartering Boats “Children and Baby Friendly” In Greece?

Parents with young children and babies are often concerned and reluctant about bringing them aboard a chartering yacht. Some parents decide to wait until their children grow up in order to realize such type of holiday and some decide to pursue it.

As a Professional Yacht Charter Broker, I would say that the YACHTING EXPERIENCE is for all ages! During my long time career in the yachting industry, I have had the opportunity to nicely work with families consisted of young children and babies. I never experienced any minor or large injuries during any of my charters in my entire career or I never experienced any small incidents that showed me that kids or babies should be excluded from this amazing holiday experience!

The crews of chartering vessels are always happy to have children on board. The supervision of the kids though is always the responsibility of the parents or of an adult from the charter party. Crews can always be supportive but having to do so many other tasks on board   in order to accommodate the needs of numerous passengers, they cannot possibly dedicate their time to babysitting. The parents should have both the rule of watching the baby or children at all times. If any of the parents needs a break should always verbalize this to the other so the baby or children are watched after, at all the time. Nothing is assumed and this golden rule is great to have, on any type of floating vessel.

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The kids if more than one often shares a cabin or even a bed. Infants usually are put to sleep in the parents’ cabin, in a baby cot provided by the boat. The boat also provides some other important items for the baby such: a special high chair for meals around the table, a life jacket for the baby of child and for all passengers of course.

It is important to mention to your Charter Broker how many pounds or kilos the baby and the children weigh so they can have the appropriate sizes of life vests aboard. Children and babies must wear their life vests at all times, it is suggested. The high chair also has to be asked for, as sometimes due to the shortage of space, the crew has to bring it from ashore, somewhere.

Additionally, it is important to inform the chef about the eating and drinking habits of the children and those of babies. Sometimes the infant is eating special organic formulas hard to find in the local market. In this case, the parent should inform the Charter Broker in advance so a research in the market is made on time, way before the charter begins. If same formula is not found locally, the parents themselves bring or ship the appropriate portion of food needed for a week for their baby.

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Special sunscreen for children and babies and for sensitive skin passengers is not provided by the boat. The boat has some good products on board for sun protection, but if we have children with sensitive skin or passengers with sensitive skin, it is recommended they bring along their own products. Hats for babies and children are also necessary to be worn at all times.

It is recommended to bring some necessary medication along for your children or baby, for fever, aches… like you have at home, just in case.

If parents think they will need to wash some cloths for the children and for the babies on board, it is recommended they advise before the charter. Usually, laundry is not done onboard for any of the passengers. The crew always brings out the laundry to be done professionally if needed. But just in case, there is a need to wash something for the baby, let us know what detergent is needed for washing to have it aboard while cruising. No other laundry is being done though on the boat.

If parents feel more secure and safe with a net placed around the railing, it is suggested they mention this to their Charter Broker as well. The boat can provide this, if necessary, depending on the construction and type of yacht.


Generally speaking, kids, children, and crews they are all happy when they are on a charter. Crew members pay special attention to children, to their food and entertainment. Many chefs make special, adorable plates for children, they teach them how to make a cake or dough, and crews organize nice theme parties for them and spend hours watching them while they do water sports.

Boats have special snorkeling equipment and inflatable toys for children… for endless happy hours in the water!.

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