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Our Yacht Charter Brokers specialize in the Luxury crewed yachts and private boat charters in Greece!

If you are a passionate Charterer or a first-time Charterer, let the Yacht Brokers at www.Greeceboatcharter.com  assist you in planning your next Crewed Boat Charter in Greece!

We will help you pick the most suitable “Yacht for your Charter in Greece”. Let us match your exact needs with some of the best Luxury Boats for Charter in Greece and do all necessary arrangements with the Yacht Owner of your preferred Greek Chartering vessel, so you can book her for your holidays!

We offer a boutique service to all of our clients. Your yacht charter in Greece will be a successful one because we will use:

Our vast knowledge of all Greece Boats for Charter.
Our cognition of the Greek crews.
Our experience with various Greek yachting itineraries.
Our resources of global relations.

Our knowledge about all legal aspects and insurance aspects related to your boating holiday.

Finally, we will design for you the best Greece Boat Charter!

Hire a boat charter in Greece with the assistance of ABSOLUTE YACHTING! This will be the YACHT CHARTER HOLIDAY of your lifetime!


Greece receives the large number of 13 million of tourists every year from all over the world! Why Greece? Because Greece is one of the safest countries in the Mediterranean, it is the birthplace of the Western civilization and it offers postcard-picturesque holidays! Its climate, the history, the beautiful beaches, the deep blue seas, the sugar-cube houses on the islands, the delicious cuisine and the hospitality of the Greek people are some of the reasons why people pick Greece for their yacht charter holidays!


The Greek islands rationally attract people from all over the world of all ages! You can plan your holiday in Greece on board a yacht and see the beauty Greece has to offer! If you are interested in a family yacht charter or in a couple yacht holiday, just make a search on your site and you will find a great selection of yachts to choose from! Motor yachts for charter in Greece, Sailing yachts to sail the Greek islands, luxurious catamarans, beautiful Greek gulets for charter! Our company has a selection of quality, reputable yachts, for all budgets!

Indeed, our site is just what you need for your boating vacation around the Greek Islands! Browse our site and use our yacht search to view yachts right away!

We can assist you for a yacht pleasure trip around Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu, Paros, Crete, Lefkas and Cephalonia! Let us customize your itinerary and let us send you a free quote with yachts for your dates, based on availability! We are here to listen to your needs, and give you personalized service, 24/7! We are a message or a call away and it will be a pleasure serving you!

ship Yachts

  • Mega Yacht

    Checkout Absolute Mega Yacht in Greece Some of the wealthiest people-travelers prefer to charter on the best Mega Yacht in Greece during their summer holidays in READ MORE...

  • Crewed Motor Yacht Charter Greece

    Motor Yacht

    Greece has a considerable, vast selection of motor yachts. Most of these reputable chartering vessels are based in Athens, from where they pick up and READ MORE...

  • Catamaran

    Catamaran Yacht Charter Greece The word “Catamaran” originally derives from the Tamil and means “tied wood”. This is one more type of yacht which has a READ MORE...

  • Sailing Boat

    Sailing Boat in Greece for Charter The Mediterranean is a sailor’s dream and its breathtaking destinations are the preferred places for both die-hard and the Mediterranean READ MORE...

  • Gulet

    Luxury Gulet Charter Greece Luxury Gulet Charter are constructed in Turkey or Greece. They are impressive, luxurious, extremely spacious. They can accommodate small groups up to READ MORE...


  • Cyclades Islands Sailing Holiday


    Cyclades Islands Sailing Holiday The white washed houses, the blue domes of small white churches, the traditional tavernas, the sandy beaches... all these and more consist READ MORE...

  • Saronic Gulf

    The Saronic Islands are located in between Attica peninsula and the north eastern part of Peloponnese peninsula. Due to their proximity to Athens, are often visited READ MORE...

  • nian Islands


    The ionian islands are scattered along the west coast of greece, once were part of the mainland, but due to volcanic activity, the terrain sank READ MORE...

  • Peloponnese Peninsula

    The eastern part of Peloponnese is very popular to locals but also to foreigners who choose to spend their holidays on a yacht charter around READ MORE...

  • Halkidiki Porto Carras


    .destination_detail ul li figure{width:33% !important;} Halkidiki : Halkidiki Located on the northern side of the Aegean sea. Endless beautiful unique beaches, lush vegetation, turquoise waters are some READ MORE...

  • Greek Crete Island


    Crete is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Her length is hundred and forty miles long, from West to East.   Crete is located 240 miles READ MORE...

  • Day Charters Athens


    .destination_detail ul li figure{width:33% !important;} You are in Athens and you wish to visit some beautiful beaches, avoid the large crowds or you wish to sail READ MORE...

  • Day Yacht Charters Mykonos Santorini

    Mykonos and Santorini

    Mykonos and Santorini are the two most famous islands of Greece and very busy during the summer months . These beautiful destinations have great READ MORE...

  • Sporades Islands Greece


    This complex of islands located in the middle of the aegean sea, are consisted of twenty four islands but only four of them are inhabited: READ MORE...

  • Greek Dodecanese Islands


    They are located on the south eastern part of greece, across the turkish coast. these islands have their own distinguished style. they do not have READ MORE...